Exit Survey
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Please use this survey to request a Restricted -Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. This survey is to be used by those SDSU graduates that completed a BS in Aviation- Aviation Education specialization only. There are two options within the 14 CFR 61.160 framework:

1. Graduates with at least 30 credits of approved coursework may reduce their R-ATP requirements to 1,250 hours.

(Those that graduated before spring 2014 generally fall under this exception.)

2. Graduates with at least 60 credit hours of approved coursework may reduce their required flight time to 1,000 hours. (This applies to most graduates after spring 2014.)

This only applies to graduates that completed all flight certificates beyond the private pilot with SDSU Aviation. Those that completed flight training elsewhere are not eligible for the R-ATP.

Additionally you will need to order an official transcript through the Registrars Office


Please fill out all required boxes and allow 1-2 weeks to process the application.

Email Cody.Christensen@sdstate.edu with any questions